KaDoKits Exotics presents Bi-Color Genetics...
Bi-Colors or "with white"

If I had to chose my favorite color/pattern of all time, I would have to chose a bi-color.
Any color or additional pattern is fine.
That with white patterning is what makes me go "ohhh, ahhh!"

A high white calico or dilute calico is probably my favorite.
add silver and stripes to a calico and you have another one of my favorites...
a silver patched tabby & white
dominant or dilute.
On the tabbies I do prefer more color and less white.

Pie-bald White Spotting Gene

The white spotting gene, or the bi-color gene, is dominant.
If a cat has one bi-color gene, it will be a bi-color and is heterozygous for bi-color.
If a cat has two bi-color genes, it got one from each parent, it is homozygous for bi-color and will
only produce bi-color kittens....even when bred to a non bi-color.
The homozygous bi-color is more likely to produce vans and high white kittens than the
heterozygous bi-color.

(remember, Mother Nature likes to break the rules!)

a van will always produce bi-colors
whether bred to a non-bi-color, bi-color, high white, or van

a bi-color to a bi-color breeding can produce
non-bi-colors, bi-colors, high whites and vans

a non-bi-color bred to a van will produce
bi-colors and high whites, but not vans
Non Bi-Colors

I use the term "non bi-color"
to refer to any patterned cat that is not a bi-color.
I don't use "solid"
because any pattern can have the bi-color gene added to it.

A solid is also called a "self"
These make the standard bi-colors:
(black & white, blue & white, red & white, cream & white,
calico, dilute calico)

The tabbies make the second most popular bi-colors:
(brown tabby & white, blue tabby & white,
red tabby & white, cream tabby & white,
brown patched tabby & white, blue patched tabby & white)

The silver tabbies make the prettiest bi-colors,
but, of course, I am biased:
(black silver tabby & white, blue silver tabby & white,
red silver tabby & white, cream silver tabby & white,
black silver patched tabby & white, blue silver patched tabby & white)

The silver bi-colors:
(black smoke & white, blue smoke & white,
red smoke & white, cream smoke & white,
calico smoke; dilute calico smoke)
(shaded black & white, shaded blue & white,
shaded silver & white, blue shaded silver & white,
shaded red "cameo" & white, shaded cream & white,
shaded calico, shaded dilute calico)
(black shell & white, blue shell & white,
chinchilla & white, blue chinchilla & white,
red shell & white, cream shell & white
shell calico, dilute calico shell)

The bi-color color-points or pointed bi-colors
My secret passion!!
This combines the bi-color gene with the Himalayan color-point to make
blue-eyed kittens with both patterns!
(seal-point & white, blue-point & white,
red "flame" -point & white, cream-point & white,
tortie-point & white, blue-cream-point & white)

Chocolates, Lilacs, Cinnamons and Fawns can come in bi-color.
Since I don't work with those colors, I chose not to discuss them.
calico van
brown tabby & white high white
red & white bi-color
black & white low white
solid black...or...black self
cream silver mctabby & white
black smoke & white bi-color
with ghost tabby markings
silver patched tabby & white
silver undercoat
Did you know about

Once in awhile,
a bi-color kitten is born with amazing blue eyes, or one eye is blue and the other eye is copper.
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