KaDoKits Exotics presents Silver Tabby Genetics...
Chicken Soup
for the
Silver Tabby Exotic Fancier's

The color and pattern genetics
we deal with in a silver tabby Exotic breeding program
is a lot like chicken soup.

A little bit of this and a little bit of that, all mixed to purrfection
in a beautiful striped bundle of love & fur.

Most Silver Tabby Exotic Breeding Programs incorporate cats of different colors and coat lengths.

After all, the primary goal has to be conformation to the standard,
"You have to build your barn before you paint it."
In other words,
You need to use cats who compliment each other in your program,
no matter the color or pattern or breed or hair length.

This has to be balanced very carefully
by selectively choosing cats that have clear silver color and well defined tabby pattern as you go along.
Badly tarnished silver or poor tabby pattern are hard to breed out of your line.
So, think carefully about what you are doing!
Be realistically prepared for disappointments and setbacks.  
And keep your eyes on the prize!  Focus on your goals.  

What each individual breeder chooses to use in his/her breeding program is totally up to that individual.  
Everyone has their own goals and priorities
and different things are important to different people.

There is no magic answer....
Mother Nature breaks the rules all of the time!

What is important is the health and well-being of an individual's cats and that they are breeding towards the

Other than that,
my personal preference is to stick with a color-bred program as much as possible.
That includes using smokes and shaded silvers more than solids.  
My plan is to avoid using brown and blue tabbies.

But, I have learned....never say never!
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