KaDoKits Exotics...the shorthair Persian
Color Breeding Genetics

This collection of pages is a very basic and simplified explanation of color breeding genetics for a cat breeding program.

For breeds with a multitude of color and pattern possibilities, genetics can become overwhelming to understand.

My goal is to help answer the burning question every breeder has...

"If I breed my cat(s) what color will the babies be?"

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The focus of my discussions is on the Silver Tabby Exotic breeding
program.  Most of the information can be used with other colors and
breeds.  I do not discuss at length the colors/patterns I do not work with.

   Start here!...Introduction to genetics basics
   Punnet Squares
   Phenotype vs. Genotype
   Sex linked Genetic Traits
   Dominant Genes vs. Recessive Genes
   Homozygous vs. Heterozygous

   Basic Cat Colors
   Color vs. Pattern...Determining your cat's basic color
   Tabby Pattern vs. Agouti
   The Inhibitor Gene, A.K.A. Silver
   Bi-Colors or "with white"
   Basic Primer on Whites
   What's the Point?....about the color-point/Himalayan gene
   The Long & Short of It....hair length in the Exotic breeding program

            Putting it All Together
  Chicken Soup for the Silver Tabby Exotic Lover's Soul            
  Grandma's Teapot
KaDoKits Exotics

I began my breeding program to enjoy the hobby of producing and showing Exotic Shorthairs.
One of the most beautiful cats I have seen at the shows is the classic silver tabby American Shorthair.  
Their pattern and color are absolutely exquisite!!

Being a Person of the Persian Purrsuasion, I, of course, want to replicate this outstanding beauty in Exotics.  After
thoughtful consideration, I decided that the direction I wanted KaDoKits to go in was primarily silver tabby Exotic
Shorthairs. I have numbers low & I think it’s important to focus on a particular color program.  
“Bi-colors” or “with white” are my first love…and will always be a part of my breeding program…just with a different
twist…or stripe!    
My goal is to produce…

   clear silver color with a neat, well-defined pattern.
   a wide-eyed sweet & open expression
   a broad, smooth top head with tiny, low placed ears
   a heavy boned, cobby body
   a plush, thick, teddy bear coat

Sometimes a frightening and overwhelming subject for people to learn.
When one gets into cat breeding, they are often bombarded by people talking about genetics.  It can be simple and quite
complex at the same time.
Certainly, to breed animals, you don't
have to understand genetics.  
After all, one boy plus one girl equals babies.
And all baby animals are cute!

However, if you are going to enter pedigreed animal breeding, then it is in your best interest to get a grasp of the genetic
principles surrounding your chosen species/breed/variety.
A clear understanding of your genetics will help you improve your breed and help you avoid making costly mistakes.

Since I breed cats, I will talk about the cat genetics I deal with in my breeding program.

First, the BASICS!

There is so much to learn and if you talk to other breeders who are enthused about their breed's genetics, you can soon find
yourself feeling hopelessly lost!

But....it is not hopeless!
Any time something seems too big to understand,
make it smaller!
You can check out Google and learn just
about anything you want from the internet
about genetics.

Check out
Cat Fanciers Association Feline Genetics