KaDoKits Exotics
Pricing and Policies

On these pages you will find some very important and loved members of our family.  
They are all special and unique in their own ways.

Our kittens are extremely well socialized & accustomed to a busy family household with lots of handling.
Their wonderful personalities make them loving and friendly pets.
They are kept clean, fed a high quality diet,and receive the finest veterinary care.
Every one of our kitties has up to date shots, wormed and is altered before leaving for their new home.
Kittens are from PKD DNA tested negative lines; FeLV and FIV negative household.

Our pet kittens are sold with a health warranty and a contract.
Purchase price includes vet
exam, up to date vaccinations, FeLV/FIV test, deworming and the cost of spay/neuter.

Kittens stay with us until at least 12 weeks of age to ensure their proper health, immunity and socialization needs have been met.
They are offered to INDOOR homes ONLY!!

Please tell me about your yourself, your family where kitty will live & your experience with the Persian breed.

I accept PayPal, money order, or cash...I'm sorry, I do not accept personal checks.

Retired Adults and "teenager" kittens price range is between $
400 - $600.
Pet price range is $750
for long hair kittens and $1000 for short hair kittens.
Deposits are accepted to hold a kitten/cat and are considered non-refundable.
Please be sure to read our
KaDoKits Kitty Kare Guide.

Contact Karen at
karen@kadokits.com        541-484-5455        text: 541-221-1805

Pet Kittens ...

... are beautiful and loving companions.  A pet quality kitten does not conform to the CFA breed
standard enough to be used for breeding or showing in Champion or Premier classes.

...kittens can be entered in the new "Agility Trials" at cat shows that promise to be loads of fun for
pets and their people.

...kittens are spayed or neutered before leaving for their new homes and are intended to live with their
families as
"forever friends".

Sometimes we have older kittens ("teenagers") available that we have kept awhile to see how they
matured and have decided to alter and place as pets.


Retired Cats...

...are occasionally available.  
As much as I would like to keep them all,
reality dictates that I must part with some of my
retired breeding cats.  

A cat that is retired from breeding and showing has been altered and is ready to live the life of a
spoiled pillow pal.  
While some of my retirees would be happy going to homes with other cats, dogs, and/or children,
there are sometimes retirees who need to be "only children" or
who may need less "chaotic" lifestyles.

As they are offered,
each retiree will be listed with a detailed description of their unique personality traits and needs.
All retirees are placed on a trial basis and can return home if they are not a good personality match
with their new family.  



I prefer to place my kittens
in pet or premiership homes
where they can live happily as spoiled companions.

Often, a kitten may be offered as a "pet
or breeder/show".
These are kittens who conform nicely to the CFA breed standard enough to be used in a breeding
program, but not enough to be a "top show" prospect.
Usually, I will chose a pet home first unless a breeder who has an exceptional need for that particular
cat shows interest.

I expect prospective pet families
to follow these basic principles of pet ownership:
keep their cats indoors or only allow them outside in an enclosure that keeps them safe from
danger, or on a harness and leash
maintain necessary vaccinations, health care and grooming
return the cat to me in the event the cat cannot be kept and a suitable home cannot be found---
my cats are not to be surrendered to a shelter under any circumstances!
Breeder quality...

... kittens/cats have some outstanding qualities, but do not meet the
overall show standard to be shown.
They can be added to breeding programs using compatible lines that
need the qualities the cat has.

Breeder/Show quality...

...kittens/cats conform to the standard well enough to be used for
breeding and shown for Championship ribbons.  They
may develop nicely
enough to be shown for Grand Championship status, but showing may be

Show quality...

...kittens/cats conform to the standard exceptionally well and are expected
to achieve Grand Championship status easily,
provided they are
groomed, maintained and presented in superior condition.
Additionally, no guarantee is made to their show success
due to presentation, competition,
or an individual cat's preference for a show career.

I always welcome inquiries from people interested in showing
kittens/cats in the premiership class.
These cats are altered and are an excellent choice for "Newbies" or
for folks not interested in breeding.



I place cats in breeder homes on a limited basis and only to those homes
who can demonstrate:

a responsible breeding ethic
a sensible breeding plan with knowledge of the breed standard,
color breeding practices (ex. with silvers), basic genetics, and
some relevant experience/activities in the Cat Fancy
a home-based "cattery" set-up that places the cats' happiness and
health as top priority--caging is done as an exception rather than
the rule, & that housing is spacious, clean, & provides interest and
companionship to the cats confined.
This is Dottie with our first litter
of kittens in 2005.