We are proud to announce...

The birth of our first second generation KaDoKits litter!!

Proud Papa...
KaDoKits Blessed Be His Name
black smoke & white Exotic

Beaming Mama....
KaDoKits Princess Poof
black smoke & white Exotic (longhair)

6 babies were born in a little over an hour
on Saturday, August 18, 2007!!!
We had 3 boys & 3 girls...
a black boy
a black smoke boy
a black smoke & white van boy
a black smoke & white girl
2 black & white van girls


Mommy did a great job and is taking super care of her babies!
One week later...

Sadly, we lost 3 of our babies.  The 2 van girls were just too tiny to
survive and the black smoke boy developed pneumonia because he
had been in his birth sac too long.

We still are blessed to have 3 babies left!

Mom is doing a fantastic job of caring for her babies!
She is a wonderful, attentive mom, and a first timer, too!

We have...
black smoke & white van
black boy
black smoke &
white girl
Babies at 5 weeks
Babies at 10 weeks