Hi! My name is Karen and that is Dorothy pictured to the right.

KaDoKits Exotics
is a CFA registered cattery breeding Exotic Shorthairs or
shorthaired Persian cats.

KaDoKits specializes in silver tabby and smoke bi-colors, and we also produce a
rainbow of colors including solids, tabbies, smokes and "self" bi-colors.

We are located in Eugene, Oregon in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and have been
breeding since 2005. Our kittens have gone to live with new families in Oregon,
Washington, California, Utah, Idaho, Michigan, New Jersey and Georgia.

Our cats are all raised in our home and kittens are used to normal family life with
active children and an ornery Shih Tzu. We only have a few breeding females so we
do not have kittens often.

This is our hobby and our goal is to breed a healthy, well tempered-companion cat
first. Through our efforts we strive to be blessed with a few kitties of show quality that
we can show off at local CFA shows.

Our Background

My very first Persian was a dilute calico named Babycakes. I bought her as a high
school graduation present for myself.

She was the most gorgeous cat I’d ever seen. And her purrrsonality melted my heart!...
so sweet & loving!

Babycakes’ beauty and wonderful personality led me to breed bicolor Persians under
the CFA cattery name CALILUV {“I love calicos!”}. I also got started on silver tabby

When I “retired” to start my own family, I placed my cats in pet homes.  As life marched
on, I was widowed in 1995.  As I was raising my three children, Marc, Dorothy, and
Phillip, I decided to give raising Persians another go and enjoy my cat passion again.

My daughter, Dorothy shares my same passion for animals, especially cats! So when
in 2004 I decided to get back into the hobby again on a very small scale, I found it was
a wonderful way to share one of my favorite hobbies with her!

Our cattery name,
KaDoKits, is a combination of our names & our favorite pets:
Karen &
Dottie’s Kitties!

For our first cat, I chose a Persian because of their tremendously sweet & laid back
personalities. Dottie chose the color calico. After extensive searching, I found Candy.
She is a beautiful cat, with fabulous bone, body, head & ears.  She is a wonderful start
to our program. Her Purrty Katz pedigree includes Harwood, Ocalico, & Bolo lines.

THANK YOU Brian Gravett for this lovely girl and Thank You for giving a recycled
newbie a chance!

I want to thank all of my friends in the cat fancy for sharing their knowledge, friendship
and cats with me. It has helped so much to ‘refresh’ my skills and learn new things! I’ve
had a great time meeting people around the world!

A special thanks to Patty Stewart and Michelle Smith of Panei Exotics &
Persians…for mentoring me & letting me ask you millions of questions!

KaDoKits: Karen & Dottie's Kitties
My son, Marc, 2007
<<=== Marc & Mariah
expecting grandson #2
My son, Phillip, 2007
KaDoKits Exotics
Dorothy in 2005
Karen, 2014, with
KaDoKits Stitchin' Heaven
calico LH Exotic female

Candy's great-great-grand-daughter
Candy Kiss
of KaDoKits
calico van Persian
Candy with
KaDoKits Jubilee
silver tabby & white Exotic
female (right)

Candy's great-great-grand-daughter
Karen & Dorothy 2014
Phillip, and my grandson,
Leland Miller
thinks he is a cat
Relaxation Time!

Good thing Dot got a
bigger bed!
They always try to take
over my bed!