"How much is that kitty in the window?"

Price is always a consideration in any person's budget.  I respect the need to know how much it
will cost to acquire a particular kitty.

I would like to talk about some of the costs associated with breeding and showing pedigreed

When I first get a cat, I take it to the vet for a health exam, FeLV & FIV blood tests, fecal exam,
microchip, and any needed vaccine updates.
This costs around
$100, give or take, depending on what is done.

Either before I buy the cat, or after it arrives, I do a PKD DNA test, (if needed).  
This costs
$40 from UC Davis.

Don't forget the usual vet health exams (recommended twice a year) and vaccinations; any vet
visits for illnesses or problems that come up at any time, regardless of whether you have the
money for the vet;
routine worming and flea applications; etc, etc, etc,
This can cost
$100 to thousands of dollars a year.

Then there are the reproductive health issues that can come up at any time
for no reason at all.  
These include c-sections, mastitis, pyometria, and oddball ailments
like mammary hyperplasia (join the fanciers health list!).
This can also run into the
thousands of dollars a year AND you can loose your animal for

You must be prepared!
Things can happen your first year of breeding or your 15th year of breeding.


The cost of the kitty...
Setting a price for a breeder/show cat is arbitrarily decided by
each individual breeder.  Prices are not set in stone!
The price is based on looking at all of the qualities a particular cat offers to a breeding
These include pedigree, a more desirable color or coat length, and the combination of how the
different parts of the kitty conform to the breed standard.

A breeder quality kitty may be priced between
$600 to $900.
A breeder/show quality kitty may be priced between
$1000 to $1500.
A show quality kitty may be priced around
Top show kitties are the most desired from the breeder and few are ever available.  Many top
show kitties (which can be campaigned) are shared among friends.
If you are lucky enough to acquire a Top Show Kitty, it can run you
$2500 on up.

After the cost of the kitty, there are costs for getting it to you (estimates):
health exam, health certificate, & rabies vaccination at the breeders' vet.  $60
airline approved carrier, absorbent padding, water bottle   $40
microchip and pet passport (if required) and customs fees   $50 - $100
airfare (depending on airline, destination, & priority handling)  $ 175 - $ 500 +
breeder's gasoline expense for handling arrangements   $10 - $30+ (depends)

All of these costs can vary dramatically!!
Good luck in your search for the right breeder kitty for you.
I hope I can be of some help to you!

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KaDoKits Exotics...the shorthaired Persian
Available Breeder/Show Kitties

Champion and Grand Premier
Panei's Sweet Marie of KaDoKits

odd-eyed white Exotic spay
not available

born 6/24/09
black smoke long hair Exotic male

Samson is one of the most lovable cats I've ever had.
He is full of purrs and always wants attention.

Samson is a big, heavily boned boy.
Smooth, broad head; straight bite.
He has a soft, luscious coat.

Samson would be a wonderful addition to an Exotic
breeding program or a fun cat to show in Premiership
NOT available in CFA region 2 as an intact cat.

Samson will stay with me until he sires a litter and is
shown to his Championship.

Dam: KaDoKits Princess Daisy
Sire: CH Panei's Tails From The Darkside