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Here we would like to share some photos of
Candy's birth experience and show the
growth and progress of her new litter.

Availability of these kittens cannot yet be
determined until they are older.

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Candy is proud to introduce her new litter of babies
born July 21, 2006
proud papa: CH Vita-Nova's Platero of KaDoKits

3:40 am     brown patched tabby & white girl born         
4:00 am     red tabby & white boy born                         
4:35 am     black & white boy born                               
11:00 am     black smoke & white boy born via c-section  
7/23/06        The story of the last kitten's birth is interesting.  The placenta from baby #3 was
never expelled.   During the c-section, the vet found that the #3 placenta was wrapped
around the foot of baby #4, who was still in his sac.  This made it impossible for mom to
deliver placenta #3 or baby #4.  
             This reminded me of the Old Testament story of the birth of the twins, Esau &
Jacob.  Esau was born first with Jacob holding onto his heel.  I thought it would be fun to
name baby #3 Jacob and baby #4 Esau.  Even though baby #4 wasn't born first, he was
held by the heel by baby #3's placenta.  I guess #3 got away with stealing #4's birth right!  ;-)

All the babies are nursing well and mom is recovering from her surgery.  It's very hot here
right now...in the 90s & 100s (F) with high humidity...ughhh!

black smoke & white
1 week old

black & white
1 week old

brown patched tabby
and white girl
1 week old

red tabby & white
1 week old
9/20/2006        It's been very busy around here.  The kittens have been growing so fast and
they are so much fun to watch play.  Our red tabby boy needed some supplementing when
he was a tiny guy.  He's doing great & eating on his own.  Our black & white boy got bit on his
rear leg a few weeks ago....kittens playing too rough.  He's fully recovered & plays like a
The kittens had their first shots last week and were very brave!  They have full run of the
house now and are always dashing about.  They're very cute right now!

Weather here has cooled and we are back to rainy days.  University of Oregon Ducks
football is back in season!  Yeah Ducks!
This picture was taken when the kittens were about 7 weeks old.

The red tabby & white boy and the brown patched tabby & white girl
have been adopted.

The black & white boy has been adopted.

The black smoke & white boy will be staying here
so he can try out being a show cat.
This is Jacob at 11 months old
trying out his show career as a Premier.
Thank you Elena and family for loving him so much!
Enjoy your fun and good luck!