Kindly give me the courtesy of providing some information about yourself
when inquiring about our kitties.  

Please include:
Your name, your city/state/country of residence, your phone number
What kind of kitty are you looking for: male or female? pet, breeder or show?

If inquiring about a pet/alter kitty
What's your experience with cats or other pets?  
Do you own any pets now & what kind?   
What is your people family like?  
Who will take care of your new kitty?
Why do you want a Persian or Exotic?

If inquiring about a breeder/show kitty
Your cattery name, association affiliations, and web site URL.
Your breeding program, focus,
size of "cattery" and to what extent do you confine your cats?
How long have you been breeding or showing?
If new to the cat fancy, are you working with a mentor?  
What have you done to educate yourself?  
Have you shown in premeirship?
For taking an interest in a
KaDoKits Kitty!
All of our cats are sold with a contract listing care expectations, financial arrangements & The health
guarantee states that the cat is free from any disease, parasites or fungal disease.

The cat may be returned within 7 days from time of sale for a full refund
if accompanied by a
veterinarian's statement
that the animal is not in good health.

A breeder/show cat that has been shipped without the buyer personally seeing the cat at time of sale
may be returned for a full refund of the purchase price IF the buyer notifies me within 24 hours of
receiving the cat that the cat was not what was expected.  All other costs (health cert, shipping, etc) will
not be refunded.  Purchaser will pay to have the cat shipped back to me on the next available flight.

Cats sold with breeding rights may not be resold, leased or otherwise placed with another individual(s)
without contacting me first and giving me first right of refusal.
Cats placed as pets are already altered.

Purchase price includes vet check, up to date vaccinations & worming,
a current application of Advantage or Frontline flea control,
and the cost of spay/neuter (for pets, premeirship, and retirees).

Kittens stay with us until they are at least 12 weeks of age to ensure their proper health, immunity and
socialization needs have been met.
"reserved" until paid for in full and no other offers are accepted for that cat.

The deposit is
non-refundable and is considered payment for boarding, grooming and lost opportunities if the
buyer changes their mind and chooses not to take the cat.  The deposit is only
refundable if the cat does not
develop as expected or if I decide the cat is not a good choice for the adopting family or breeder.
I accept PayPal (must add 3%), money order, or cash...
I'm sorry, I do not accept personal checks, unless there is a period of 10 business days between
receipt of the check and the date the cat is ready to be picked up.

You can send email inquiries to

You can text me or call at 541-221-1805.

I will return communications as promptly as I can.
Please understand that I sometimes get busy with the kitties, my family, work, & life.

If I do not respond to you within a week,
please contact me again!  I don't mind.
Also, accidents do happen...
sometimes things get deleted or my spyware gets too diligent and I lose emails by

I update our Facebook Page most often... it's simply easier.

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for showing an interest in
a KaDoKits Kitty!

Karen & Dorothy
KaDoKits Exotics