KaDoKits Exotics
Past Retired Friends

Cats who have been involved in our breeding program and are now altered and living in new homes.
Thank you to the breeders who have entrusted us with their lines.
Purrty Katz Candy Kiss of KaDoKits
calico van Persian born 04/06/04
CFA reg #0149-1544218
CH Vita-Nova's Platero of KaDoKits
silver tabby Exotic born 08/27/01
CFA reg #7736-1401639
KaDoKits I Was Made To Love You "Charity"
calico Exotic born 01/04/07
CFA reg # 7749-1631588
PouncingPaws GloryCloud of KaDoKits
silver tabby Persian born 7/25/05
CFA reg # 0137-1560098
Panei's Tails From The Darkside
black Exotic born 04/11/2007
CFA 7708-16134554

Sire: GC Scrimshaw Spirit
Dam: CH Panei Sweet & Spicey of Pensfordhill
KaDoKits Amazing
silver tabby Exotic
female born 03/05/2007
CFA 7737-1631589

sire: CH Vita-Nova's
Platero of KaDoKits
dam: CH PouncingPaws
GloryCloud of KaDoKits
Jasans Lilly Anne of KaDokits
black & white LH Exotic female born 08/06/2012
CFA 7799-01796858

Sire: Jasans KrackerJax
Dam: CH KaDoKits I Believe
Dreamkatcher Gideon of KaDoKits
red & white Persian male born 06/27/2010
CFA 1110-1767132

sire: Lark Hill Rhythm N Blues
dam: Lark Hill Valentine Heart Karcher
Champion KaDoKits I Believe
tortoiseshell Exotic female born 7/18/2008
CFA 7747-1665655

Sire: CH Panei's Tails From the Darkside
Dam: KaDoKits I Was Made To Love You
KaDoKits Stitchin Heaven
calico LH Exotic female born
CFA 7799-02042636

Sire: DreamKatcher's Gideon of KaDoKits
Dam: Jasans Lilly Anne of KaDokits
Champion Black Pearls Pokemon of KaDoKits

Sire: Champion Exotic Style Gummy Bear
Dam: Champion Black Pearls Holly Dolly

blue silver spotted tabby and white Exotic male born 5/17/2012