Champion KaDoKits Daniel

Sire: DreamKatcher's Gideon of KaDoKits
Dam: Deebows Brooklynn of KaDoKits

black smoke & white Persian male born 3/25/2014
KaDoKits Exotics
Our Reigning Kings

These boys are our resident sires. Look for your kitten's daddy here. If your kitten's daddy is a male we borrowed from a friend, he won't
be on this page. If the daddy is retired, please look on our Retired Friends page.

In order to protect our cats from infectious diseases, we do not offer stud service.
Our boys are FeLV/FIV tested negative and have been DNA tested negative for PKD or their parents/grandparents have been tested.


Thinking of breeding?
Please consider the huge responsibility and sacrifice required when keeping an intact breeding male. You must be able to humanely house your male in sanitary
conditions where they can still receive adequate attention, play time and snuggling. They cannot be allowed to roam free as they can spray and will breed any
female in heat...whether you know the girl is ready to breed or not. When a male is retired and neutered, they often will stop any spraying or aggressive
behaviors and can enjoy the life of a pampered pet. If your male still sprays after being neutered, are you ready to provide him with a home for life?
Champion Sunspirit Klondike Gold of KaDoKits

Sire: Grand Champion Karabel's White Lightning
Dam: Champion Karabel Hello Dolly of Sunspirit

flame lynx point Exotic male born 03/24/2015